Niki’s Raw Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate Crispy Bites, Sweet


Hey guys!

When I fancy a quick treat that doesn’t require too much time or effort, my salted caramel and dark chocolate crispy bites are just the ticket. Minimal ingredients are needed but with every bite there is a true taste sensation here, sweet and savory notes are being hit with every mouthful. This sweet treat is best had on workout days so your body can refuel again in the best possible way. My crispy bites are also free from refined sugar and you can control the level of sweetness by adding a little less maple syrup if you wish. What’s more, the dark chocolate also gives it that extra dimension of flavour as it complements the salted caramel beautifully.



(use organic/natural ingredients where possible)

Makes around 20 crispy bites

Prep time: 5 minutes

Total time: 35 minutes


For crispy squares:

6 cups of organic brown crispy rice

½ cup of organic smooth almond butter

½ cup of organic maple syrup

1 teaspoon of pink Himalayan salt

3 tablespoons of coconut oil


For the raw salted caramel and dark chocolate glaze:

1 tablespoon of smooth almond butter

2 tablespoons of maple syrup

1/2 teaspoon of pink Himalayan salt

2 tablespoons of coconut oil

100g of organic dark chocolate (minimum 70%)

From your kitchen:

A large mixing bowl

A wooden spoon

A sharp knife

A few plates for serving

A couple of teaspoons and tablespoons for measuring

A silicone spatula

A deep brownie dish

A large saucepan

2 small saucepans



Step 1:


In your large saucepan, gently heat your smooth almond butter, maple syrup and coconut oil on a low heat. Use your silicone spatula or wooden spoon to mix it all together thoroughly. It will start to bubble up, don’t be alarmed but after 1 minute take it off the heat and continue to mix your lovely salted caramel filling.


Step 2:

Next, add in your brown crispy rice, one cup at a time, making sure it’s all coated evenly, add your pink Himalayan salt as this stage too. Transfer to your deep square tin dish and let it rest whilst you make your super speedy raw salted caramel and dark chocolate glaze.


Step 3:

In your small saucepan, heat up all your smooth almond butter, maple syrup, salt and coconut oil in just the way you did with the coating but let it thicken, this process will take around a couple of minutes. Don’t be alarmed when is bubbles, sure make sure you are constantly mixing the sauce. Transfer to a small bowl to cool down whilst you melt your dark chocolate in another small pan – please do not take your eyes of it as it can burn very quickly!


Step 4:

Drizzle over your salted caramel and dark chocolate as desired and refrigerate for about 10-12 minutes. Cut into squares and enjoy these sweet treats with a nice cut hot green tea! Yum.

Happy Baking!


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Niki’s Raw Raspberry and Lemon Cheesecake Slices

2016, Healthy,, Spring, Sweet


Happy Hump Day everyone!

I want to help you transition into the sweet life the right way…do you want to feel guilty after every sweet treat? Bloated? Tired? Hungry for another bite even? I used to feel like this all the time after my desserts until I found the natural way to sweeten them up. Incorporating gluten, dairy and processed sugar free food into desserts really couldn’t be simpler, dare I say it even tastes better, you get that sweet hit but you feel satisfied yet light at the same time. I have used xylitol and maple syrup as my sweeteners here, both of which are natural, easily digestible in the body and come from sustainable plant sources. My creamy filling comes from coconut cream and soaked cashews….I can’t describe how velvety and smooth it is and paired with the crumbly almond flour and crushed pecan base, you’ll savour every bite guys.


Containing more vitamin c than oranges, raspberries are packed full of potassium, calcium and vitamin a. Did you know that in the Philippines if you hang a raspberry came from the outside of your house, evil spirits are supposed to be deterred? It’s a seriously powerful fruit and with the help of the lemon, it cuts through the richness of my coconut cream filling beautifully.


Soaked cashews nuts also make a strong feature in my raspberry and lemon cheesecake slices. Aside from giving an ultra smoothness and thickness to your filling, soaked nuts are very good for your health long term as they help with the absorption of nutrients to your body and removes all toxins that could be harbouring in the nuts themselves.


All you need is:


For 8 slices you will need:


For the raspberry layer:


1 punnet of raspberries plus a few extra for decoration

2 tablespoons of maple syrup


For the coconut cream layer:


2/3 of a can of coconut cream (not the watery part)

3 tablespoons of maple syrup

2 level tablespoons of xylitol

The juice of a lemon

200g of soaked cashews (overnight or at least 2 hours beforehand)

2 tablespoons of coconut oil, melted


For the crumbly nutty base:


200g of pecans, soaked (overnight or at least 2 hours beforehand) and dried and chopped roughly

1 teaspoon of Himalayan sea salt

2 tablespoons of coconut oil, melted plus extra for greasing

The zest of 1 lemon


In your round deep tin, lightly grease the base and sides of your dish and set aside. In a food processor combine all your base ingredients and pulse a few times. Using your hands, press your filling tightly down and even it out the best you can with the palm of your hand. Place in the fridge whilst you start your coconut cream layer.


Clean the bowl of your food processor and cream all the contents needed for your delicious middle layer (this will take a good few pulses before you get a smooth consistency so please stick with it). Pour half the mixture gently over your cheesecake base and place in the freezer for a further 20 minutes.


Finally blitz the remaining half of your creamy mixture with your raspberries and maple syrup, top your cheesecake up with the final layer and place in the freezer for at least one hour before serving. Use a knife that’s been placed in a cup of boiling water to help cut your slices evenly and garnish with your fruit, simple and delicious!


Happy Baking!



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Niki’s Neapolitan Ice Cream Slices

2016, Healthy, International,, Spring, Sweet

Ciao ciao!
Fancy a little dolce treat? This classic cosmopolitan slice featured in every gelateria in Milan and I wanted to share my version of it with you. Can you believe that I even managed to make it gluten and dairy free? Don’t worry though, taste is not compromised here and dare I say it’s even easier to make than the original version. My Neapolitan ice cream slices contain maple syrup which is super good for you as it contains numerous antioxidants and thus preferable over normal processed sugar. Also, instead of cream I have used coconut cream which improves your immunity and provides you with energy. Happy days.

All you need is:
For the coconut cream layer:

160ml of coconut cream
2 tablespoons of maple syrup

For the strawberry layer:

160ml coconut cream
3 strawberries, crushed
2 tablespoons of maple syrup

For the chocolate layer:

2 tablespoons of raw cacao powder
3 tablespoons of melted coconut oil
2 tablespoons of maple syrup

Simply whisk the selected ingredients in a bowl thoroughly and pop into the freezer for 30 minute intervals before you start to make the next layer. I really hope you enjoy it guys and make sure you share your creation on my Facebook page- I would love to see it and share it!

Happy baking!

Niki’s Raw Bounty Squares

2016, Easter, Healthy,, Spring, Sweet

coconut squares

Hello my dear readers and happy Wednesday,
Today I would like to share with you one of my all time favourite sweets but with a healthy twist. This sweet treat is packed with antioxidants and the superfood that has captivated all of our hearts: coconut. This superfood is truly a winner in many ways, from aiding digestion to being a good fat; I cannot recommend using it enough in your cooking. All you need to make about 20 small squares is:

1.5 cups of coconut flour
2 tablespoons of desiccated coconut
½ cup of coconut oil, melted
3 tablespoons of maple syrup

For the chocolate topping:
3 tablespoons of raw cacao powder
2 tablespoons of maple syrup
¼ cup of coconut oil
Extra desiccated coconut for decoration

Line your square brownie dish (or deep dish) with greaseproof paper and set aside. In a large bowl missing in the coconut flour, desiccated coconut, coconut oil and maple syrup with a metal spoon until it comes together this will take a minute or two. Pop in the freezer for around 20 minutes. Five minutes before you are due to take out your coconut filling, heat a small pan and melt the coconut oil. Once completely melted, whisk in your maple syrup and cacao powder until a smooth glossy covering comes together. Set aside to cool for a moment and bring out your coconut filling from the freezer. Pour generously over the top and scatter over your desiccated coconut in whatever design you wish. Freeze again for a further 15 minutes and then cut into desired size. Finally…devour them!

Happy baking and thanks for reading!

Niki x

Niki’s Dark Chocolate, Ginger and Pistachio Fingers

2015, Christmas, Healthy,, Sweet, Winter


Festive Greetings to my lovely readers!
Warming ginger…crunchy Pistachios and luxuriously rich melted dark chocolate are the three basic components of my Christmas finger biscuits. I’m sure you will love them just as much as I do. There is nothing but pure goodness here as the sweetener I have used consists only of maple syrup and coconut sugar; I have used buckwheat flour for the base…gluten free galore! It tastes delicious and it won’t leave you feeling so heavy, all you need is:

30g of melted dark chocolate
1 small handful of chopped pistachio nuts
3 teaspoons of ground ginger
250g of buckwheat flour
3 tablespoons of maple syrup
50g of melted coconut oil
25g of coconut sugar
Pinch of Himalayan salt

Preheat your over to medium high and simply whisk your coconut oil, maple syrup and coconut sugar in your bowl. Then add in the rest of your ingredients and spread out onto a Swiss baking sheet and bake for no more than 10-15 minutes. Bring out of the oven and cut into your desired shape straight after (before they really harden up!). Melt your dark chocolate and drizzle on top, leave to cool for 30 minutes and you are ready to go.

Merry Christmas my lovely readers!

Love Niki x

Niki’s Raw Pecan Crumble Slices

2015, Healthy,, Sweet, Winter


Hello everyone!
The weekend is nearly upon us and what better way to celebrate than whizzing up my fibre-rich and mineral packed (magnesium, copper, iron to name just a few) raw pecan crumble slices? They are decadent but believe me when I say, there is nothing but pure goodness in my slices. The incredible sweetness from the dates and maple syrup compliments the rich and buttery pecans in the most satisfying way. So have a quick read and see how simple it is to create these delicious beauties…
All you need is:
(Makes 8 slices)
For the crust and crumble topping:
1 cup of raw pecan nuts
4 dates, pitted (at room temperature)
1 tablespoon of melted coconut oil
Pinch of Himalayan salt
½ cup of ground almonds

For the filling:

¼ cup of raw cocoa powder (only raw please…we want those antioxidants!)
2 of melted coconut oil
2 tablespoons of maple syrup

Line your loaf baking tin with greaseproof paper and set aside. Prepare your crust and crumble topping by simply placing the pecans in your food processer and whizz a few times to break it down. Next, add in the dates, coconut oil, salt and ground almonds and process again until you start to see rough dough like pieces form. It should stick together when you press it between your fingers.
Press three quarters of this mixture into the base of your loaf tin and reserve the rest for the topping. Set this aside and prepare your chocolate filling. Whisk together the cocoa powder, coconut oil and maple syrup in a bowl until the mixture begins to thicken up. Pour into the loaf tin and sprinkle the remaining cup of crumble topping, gently pressing the topping down and place in the freezer for a couple of hours before serving. This treat is best served chilled in order to hold its texture and flavour and should be kept in the refrigerator after this. Please give this a go guys and remember, you’re eating nothing but goodness…and it tastes sublime too!


Happy Baking!