Niki’s Autumnal Roast

2015, Autumn,, Savoury

Hey there!
With the bountiful produce of root vegetables everywhere, I wanted to show you a delicious way to roast these beauties. They are perfect to have with a garden salad or with some quinoa for the evening. Here I have used 2 golden beetroots, 2 medium sized sweet potatoes, 3 medium sized purple carrots, 1 leek and a generous head of garlic. I simple chopped them into medium sized pieces and drizzled them with 2 tablespoons of  melted ghee, a generous pinch of Himalayan salt, 1 teaspoon of ground coriander and coarsely ground black pepper, about a teaspoon as well. I simply roasted them with foil on top for about 30 minutes of a moderately hot oven and then removed the foil to roast for a further 15 minutes. The sweet roasted garlic is perfect with the savoury leeks and caramelised beets. I simply topped it off with some chopped chives and scattered some ruby red pomegranate seeds. You will love it!


Happy Baking!

Niki’s Carrot, Almond and Coconut Cupcakes

2015, Autumn, Healthy,, Sweet

Hey guys!
I want to carry on welcoming my favourite season with my gluten free Carrot, Almond and coconut cupcakes. These healthy sweet treats will satisfy you and leave you wanting more. Yes, this is up there with my other delectable treats guys, I know you will love it because the cinnamon and carrot combo is comforting since it can take you back to comforting memories however the contemporary twist of coconut flour and almond flakes really bring it to life and make it more healthy for the present. All you need is:
2 grated carrots
1 cup of coconut flour
½ cup of almond flakes
½ teaspoon of cinnamon powder
2 eggs and 1 egg white
½ cup of coconut oil
Pinch of Himalayan salt
¼ cup of honey or maple syrup
½ cup of almond/coconut milk

Have your oven preheated to a medium/moderate temperature and cream your coconut oil, maple syrup or honey and your eggs in a bowl. Alternate with your coconut flour and almond/coconut milk until your mixture is nice and thick. Finally, fold you carrot, almond flakes, cinnamon powder and Himalayan salt (make sure you do not over mix on this step!) and spread evenly between your cupcake cases.

I have chosen to decorate them with some toasted desiccated coconut, almond flakes and carrot slivers but this is totally up to you.

Happy Baking guys!


Niki’s Coconut Ice Cream

2015, Autumn, Healthy, Summer, Sweet

Hello lovely people!
As we are currently being treated to a warm and sunny Autumn, I wanted to share with you my creamy coconut ice cream. No ice cream machine is necessary! You will utterly adore this simple and satisfying healthy treat. Read on…

All you need is:
A handful of ice cubs
1 banana (frozen, takes up to 30 minutes only, or overnight)
Pinch of Himalayan sea salt
1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon
2 standard cans of coconut milk, drained
4 pitted dates
1 tablespoon of honey
¼ cup of coconut milk (optional and should only be used if your mixture is too thick to begin with)
1 teaspoon of bee pollen

Simply blitz all of these yummy ingredients in a blender and watch a creamy and smooth ice cream mix form in a matter of seconds! Freeze for a minimum of two hours and then devour! I love this dairy-free alternative to ice cream but I promise you, this is so luxurious and ultra creamy, dare I say…I prefer it to regular ice cream!


You can add many variations to your ice cream such as a berry compote with chia seeds on top or simply some chopped fresh mint as I have done…you can also toast some desiccated coconut or some cacao nibs…the possibilities are endless!

Happy Baking!


Niki’s Harissa Chicken

2015, Autumn, Healthy, International,, Savoury, Super Quick


Hey there!

Warm…enticing…sweet and smokey, harissa is truly the fitting Autumnal sauce for all your meat, seafood and vegetables. I not only love the exotic and rich flavour but I enjoy it knowing that it is high in antioxidants if made from scratch due to the high level of capsaicin from the chillies. My harissa chicken is perfect for entertaining as well as a comforting meal for yourself. All you need for the harissa paste itself is:

2 garlic cloves, crushed
1 teaspoon of coriander seeds
4 tablespoons of olive oil
Full seasoning
Roasted chilli pepper flakes (anywhere from a pinch to a tablespoon)
1 teaspoon of caraway seeds
1 pinch of saffron powder (pounded from the strands)
½ roasted red peppers, ripped into rough chunks

Simply blitz up the following ingredients for your harrisa paste and marinade your meat/fish or vegetables for a minimum of thirty minutes before you cook anything! This paste will keep in the fridge for up to 5 days, so it’s a versatile and solid healthy sauce for your kitchen! Try it guys!
Happy Baking!

Niki’s Fennel, Chive and Carrot soup

2015, Autumn, Healthy, International,, Savoury

chive soup

Happy Autumn my lovely readers!

This charming season is bursting with fresh and comforting flavours…warm, all-embracing yet still uniquely fresh, the harvest is starting to surround us. From the fresh apples, the fabulous and vibrant pumpkins to the woody and wild mushrooms…there is really something to satisfy anybody…most of all it is all yummy AND good for you!

Let me remedy those long days at work, school or general busy days with my fennel, chive and carrot soup. I have chosen these flavours as I feel that once cooked together there is a wining trio of favours here, from the aniseed flavour of the fennel to the slightly onion accent of the chives and the warming, sweet taste of the carrots…truly delicious and soothing. My soup is going to give you natural energy and a warm hug from the inside.

All you need is:

3 medium sized carrots, roughly chopped
1 medium sized fennel, thinly sliced
1 bunch of chives, finely chopped
2 leeks, finely chopped
1.5 Tbsp of ghee or coconut oil
1 Tsp of turmeric
1 Tsp of ground cumin
1 Tsp of ground coriander
1 Tsp of chilli oil (for garnishing)
1 Tsp of chilli flakes (Turkish variety is best- ‘pul biber’-this is optional)
3 cups of water

Simply heat your oil over a medium-high flame and toss all your vegetables, tossing occasionally for about 10 minutes. Season with all your spices and bring the heat down for a further 5 minutes. At this point add your water and about ¾ of your chives into your soup. Simmer for at least 3 hours or a little more for a deep flavour and to garnish, sprinkle the rest of your chives and chilli/chilli oil if you chose to use it. Tasty…Healthy…Try it!


Happy Baking!


Niki’s Veggie Fritters

Autumn, Healthy, International,, Savoury, Summer, Super Quick

Hello there!
With Autumn upon us I wanted to show you one of my all time favourite dishes: Fritters! Although no one really knows exactly where it originates from, I love this fact since so many wonderful sweet and savoury variations have been made. From the Anglo-American to the Asian varieties, there’s no question that this humble street food is satisfying for all. There is one bone to pick with these fritters though and that is the way in which they are made. I am not a fan of deep fried food at all and do not ever recommend it to my readers so how about you try my lighter version which is just as tasty but you won’t have that awful greasy taste! All you need is:
2 eggs
1 medium cauliflower, blitzed into fine bits
1 Tbsp of almond flour/ gluten-free flour
A generous pinch of Himalayan salt and cracked black pepper
1 Tsp of smoked sweet Paprika
1 medium carrot, grated
1 leek, finely chopped
2 Tbsp of melted coconut oil


Simply incorporate all of your delicious ingredients into a large mixing bowl and set aside. Next, heat the first tablespoon of coconut oil in your shallow frying pan over medium heat (not high because it will burn-trust me!) and shape your fritters with a spoon and once your pan is hot enough, drop them in slowly and flatten it into your desired shape. They cook super quickly, so after 1 minute flip them over and watch those fritters multiply! They can be eaten hot or cold, you decide. Give them a go today guys!

Happy Baking!


Niki’s Naked Pizza

2015, Autumn, Healthy, International,, Summer


Pizza Pizza!

Who doesn’t love pizza? The endless toppings…the crispy crust and fluffy base…but don’t you find it hard to digest? Some guilt afterwards perhaps? Well, if you want to feel as light as a feather and have no guilt in eating your pizza then look no further guys! My naked pizza (yep!) is truly a winner because the base is made with cauliflower! Your read that right. Cauliflower. This cruciferous vegetable has many benefits to include anti-inflammatory properties and cancer prevention. You can hardly even taste that the pizza has cauliflower in it and you can still get that delicious crispt crust and soft base…just follow my lead and read on…

You will need:

For the base:

1kg cauliflower florets, thawed (frozen is best as it’s a time saver!)
2 eggs
Splash of water
1 tsp of chopped basil and oregano
1 tbsp of ghee/avocado oil

Toppings (as photographed)

1 small handful of cherry tomatoes
Finely sliced bell peppers
1 finely chopped red onion
5-10 green and black olives
Shredded chicken breast
Handful of baby rocket and baby kale for garnishing

Preheat your over to a medium high heat (gas mark 4) and blitz up your cauliflower in a food processor until a fine, rice-like consistency forms. Squeeze out all excess moistures in a muslin cloth to ensure a dry and proper base and mix in the eggs, seasoning, water and olive oil. Shape your pizza into whatever shape you desire and bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes, or until golden brown. Whilst your base is cooking, prepare you’re toppings as desired. I have not used cheese on my pizza simply because I feel that this yummy cauliflower base is robust enough with all my toppings, hence why I believe it is indeed a naked and stunning pizza! After 10-15 minutes, place your toppings on your pizza and bake for a further 10 minutes. Your pizza is now ready to devour! I really hope you give this fun and healthy pizza a shot…it is worth the effort, trust me!
Happy Baking!

Niki’s Butternut Squash and Kale Salad

2015, Autumn, Christmas, Healthy,, Savoury, Super Quick, Winter




How are your new year’s resolutions coming along? That good! Wow, well done. Okay…so perhaps you are having some trouble with sticking to healthy eating habits or maybe you are losing some motivation/inspiration? Never fear because my seasonal and super quick salad is sure to leave you smiling and satisfied!

All you need is:

A large handful of kale, torn up roughly (I cannot praise this delicious vegetable enough!)
1/4 butternut squash, cubed and roasted lightly with seasoning
1 tsp of sesame seeds
small handful of cranberries
squeeze of lemon
1 tsp of extra virgin olive oil

Simply arrange on a large serving plate and enjoy straight away!


Please try this delicious salad; I know you will love it just as much as I do!

Happy Baking,




Nikis Carrot and Coriander soup

Autumn, Christmas,, Savoury, Super Quick, Winter


Howdy all!
Perhaps you have already noticed…I have a bit of an obsession with soups! I love the versatility and array of flavours which can be produced along with the fact that the ones I make take no time at all. How do you create my delicious and fresh carrot and coriander soup? With five ingredients! Yes, you read that right…a handful of carrots (chopped up), a bunch of coriander (roughly chopped as it will all be blended anyway), 1 large onion (roughly chopped), seasoning and 1 leek. Simply, toss these in some olive oil over a medium heat for about ten minutes. Season and then cover with 2-3 cups of water. Bringing to the boil, blend and add your coriander. You will end up with a vibrant and delicious soup which you will be tempted to have for lunch and dinner! Yum yum!

Happy Baking!

Niki’s Muesli

Autumn,, Super Quick, Sweet, Winter


Happy Monday Dear Readers!
Brrr. That’s one way to sum up these short days. Oh, what was that? You want something fuss-free to boost you up for the cold mornings? Yes?! My muesli is so wholesome and delectable and I can guarantee it will be a staple in your kitchen. Just a few ingredients which you can buy in one go and economically speaking, who doesn’t love that this time of year?

muse. museliiiiii

All you need is:
½ cup pecans (Coarsely chopped)
½ cup whole almonds (Coarsely chopped)
½ cup of pumpkin seeds
½ cup of sunflower seeds
1 cup of raisins and dried cranberries
1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon
1 ½ cup of rolled oats
2 teaspoons of flax seeds
½ cup of sesame seeds

Literally all you do is combine all of the above on a sheet pan (apart from the dried fruit) and wack it in the oven (preheated gas mark 3) for about 10-15 minutes or until golden brown. Once cooled, fold in your dried berries and store away in an airtight container. NOTE: DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED!


This lovely and super speedy muesli will last you for at least a week and you can make some great variations and additions. I would personally stay away from any form of chocolate but if you would like more luxurious choices then you can perhaps add some Brazil nuts or walnuts.
Happy Baking!