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What is nikibakes? Who’s behind the brand? Well this post aims to answer these questions and hopefully give you more of an insight into my cooking and why I love to share my recipes with you all.

Since a very young age I always found myself in the kitchen. I remember when I was about 6 years old and I would bring out all the pots and pans and would pretend to cook delicious (and sometimes bizarre) soups and stews. My mum encouraged me by getting me fruit and vegetable shaped toys that I would then toss into the pan in later play sessions with lots of water (my mum didn’t enjoy cleaning that up!) and would later ‘host’ my own television show on how to ‘make things in your world.’ It was at this time that I was also getting a little chubbier and would indulge in all sorts of full fat food. I looked forward to coming home from school and watching the likes of Nigella or Jamie Oliver in action whilst I would eat some sort of equally delicious snack and think of my next creation. I became more adventurous and confident in the kitchen, so much so that I blew up the microwave and burned many dishes before my parents would come from home (I failed to hide the evidence so many times too!).

The years went by and I went travelling and working abroad as an English teacher after my studies. It was in these formative two years that I began my blog, nikibakes. Turkey and Cyprus had such beautiful and fresh produce that I began to dedicate all my free time to find the best markets where I could talk to food stall owners and really get a feel for their culture and cuisine. Similar to my Persian roots, I found that Turkish cuisine was hearty, fresh and most importantly: versatile. It was in Cyprus that I really began to gain appreciation for nutritionally tasty food as it was so hot out there that you couldn’t really eat stodgy food and feel good afterwards. So I began to blog weekly from then on and started my weight loss journey too. I joined a gym properly and realised that my passion for food was no longer a habit any longer, it was then that I decided to change my career into something which I was truly passionate about and aligned it my values in life.

I came back to the UK and learnt that I was intolerant to gluten and dairy food. Cutting these food groups of out of my diet was easier than I thought since it was these sorts of dishes that didn’t make me feel so great afterwards. This was another driving force for sharing nikibakes to everyone and why my dishes are gluten/ dairy free and also free from refined sugar. My colleagues at work now often just call me nikibakes since I often give advice to them on how to best create my dishes or what they can cook for dinner that night. Since I wanted to create a warm message that eating good food is good for you both inside and out, my logo was created: an apple shaped heart. I lost 22kg throughout my weight loss journey and now I feel fitter (and leaner!) than I was in my teens. I now feel that it’s my duty to share with the people around me and across the world that eating good food can be fun, tasty and most importantly: nutritious!

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about my dishes or simply want some more inspiration for your next cooking adventure. Remember, fresh organic produce is always preferred in all my recipes along with grass fed meat and natural sources of sugar.

Thanks for reading and Happy Baking!


Founder and Recipe Creator