Niki’s Dark Chocolate-Nut Cookies

2015, Autumn, Healthy,, Super Quick, Sweet


Happy Sunday!

Settling down with your cup of tea/coffee? Why not have one of my cookies to go with? It is truly nourishing and tasty, what more could you ask for from a cookie?

All you need to make these simple treats are:
1 cup of almonds
150g good quality dark chocolate (80% and above only please)
1 tbsp of coconut oil, melted
3 tbsp of maple syrup or honey
1 cup of almond meal
½ cup of almond flour
Pinch of Himalayan salt

Preheat your oven to a medium heat and in a small saucepan mix together your maple syrup/honey and coconut oil until melted and combined well. Set aside and in a separate large mixing bowl combine all the dry ingredients and simply add the oil and honey/syrup (please don’t over mix as your cookies will become tough). Shape your cookies (makes about 12) and pop into your oven in the middle shelf and do NOT leave unattended as these are ready in no time at all, around 10-15 minutes or until golden brown. My cookies are full of vitamin E and antioxidants…give them a go today guys!

Happy Baking!


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